Catahoula Cartes De Vœux

The classic colors of the French Revolution,
standing strong against the backdrop of the colors of the Monarchy.
For the l'il Bonaparte in all of us!
Our Huck and Jim card was inspired by the misadventures of Mark Twain's famous duo. A fantastic way to let Your partner in crime know how much they mean to You! 
The card to send all Your friends in the FLA-State, because nothing says fleur like Florida!
Our Get Up and GO card is the perfect sentiment to send, when the spirit says that the waiting is over! 
The classic Summer postcard to let Your friends and family know how good life is, with the Bourbon array of fleur-de-lis, in handsome, Seersucker stripes! 
Hi, this is Tree here, and welcome again to Catahoula Cartes de Vœux! Several years ago, I was engaged in conversation with a Local who sarcastically challenged one's ability to draw the fleur de lis. Internalizing that challenge became an obsession which led to a journey that has transcended into a vision. This is the vision to relay the joys and nachtmares of life and death that can be found among South Louisiana's extremely rich and storied past, present and most importantly, populace: all through the lens of a greeting. Along the way, I found my hand again, as well as my voice through a pen so, part of all of this is handwritten sentiments. I hope to soon vector a number of really great thoughts, quotes and word play: but until then and as always I suppose, I can inscribe Your sentiments into any card of choice. I will provide a contact form on the Home page for this purpose, or You could just email me. Write to:
And again, I thank You!

Ghede's Gate #12, Available in B&W #10, Red #11, Blue #13
The view from the inside of the Garden District's Lafayette #1, for when death is welcomed like daddy.
Our Life's Lottery card celebrates the luck of the draw, and the twinkle in Your daddy's eye the day he solved the riddle, of that hot mess that You are! 
Andrew is a Greek name evoking Manhood and valour, so ride the lightning and send the man in Your life this time tested Christian sentiment with this unique forget-me-not. 
Do You believe in bubbles? Of course You do! Now You and Your nerdy friends can geek out and laugh about all the possible Y'Alls out there!
When You really gotta say what You really can't say, send that dagger wrapped in a cake! 
Our Battle for the Rag card is for the house divided, or for when You just really need to roll dat tigre, or make one helluva hullabaloo with Your loved one! 
Take back what was once Yours, and let the world know that without Africa, there would be no nobility, nowhere. 
One fine day, I happened across a map of the environs just outside of Paris, and noticed in that moment the corollary in place names there and here. They have Chartres, we have Chartres Street, they have Le Mans, we have Mandeville. . . and on it went. That became the inspiration for this card: which I consider might be fun to share with Your friends and family!