Catahoula Cartes De Vœux

Our takes on the flower that started it all.
Likely the most recognizable and enduring symbol in all of Francophilia, the fleur de lis is surely the most reproduced. Here we have assembled a series of blank cards that allows You to share it with fresh, creative verve! 
To date, the Summerians are believed to be the oldest known writers in mankind; And the Sag Ba is one of the oldest known poems ever written. We have offered homage to that great work with a delicately intertwined pair of fleur de lis representing the mystery of the entanglement between God and man, with the translation on the back. Please enjoy! 
Our flag was adopted for the city's bicentennial, and was co-designed by Bernard Barry and Gustave Couret; with the red representing fraternity, blue for liberty and all dat white . . . well Y'all . . . stands for City Hall! 
Hee hee!! Jus' Sayin'. 
For that lazy Thursday afternoon, went Y'all went skippin' off down by the riverside.
For that all deserving prick in Your life.
For all Your friends in the ATL,
tell 'em, RISE UP!
Blue, white and gold are the colors of the Bourbon kings as well as the State of Louisiana
I drew this one in honor of Miss Kim, my favorite Mardi Gras Indian, of the Wild Tchoupitoulas!
We are very much inspired by quantum physics, entanglement, the duality of matter and most importantly, nothing! For, "Without nothing, everything would be nothing." - Dejan Stojanovic 
And one day, while searching for nothing, I found this inspiring quote from New Orlean's own, L'il Wayne! Which reads, "I go wherever creativity takes me."
So purple is said by Momus to represent justice, which Clarence Darrow said doesn't exist and Hericlitus said is strife. And gold, well what can be said of gold, hunh? According Momus: Power.  Suffice it to say that in South Louisiana behbeh, You'd be hard pressed to get Your fill of either!
This piece was inspired from the mud brick making skills of the African's that the Jean Baptiste LeMoyne, the city's founder, was enslaving to build New Orleans; and their propensity to imbue their bricks with animal spirits. 
The Native Choctaw of South Louisiana told of destiny revealing lights that could be found and followed through the swamps, rising up to lead some to glory and others astray.
The Grains of Harvest #61
This piece was inspired by Louisiana's agrarian success, and the bounty of food stuffs the state produces.  
May e'ry day be fat, and schticky!
This card was inspired by the life's work of Erwin Rudolf Josef Alexander Schrödinger, who helped us to better understand wave function, color theory and the matrix. Send this thoughtful card to anyone You'd like to practice thermal dynamics with!
Alexander eat Your cat's heart out! Send this card for the morning after, or for whenever You don't want them to forget You!
Although Jack's Union may not be what it once was, but believe it or not, London has had it's own Fleur for quite some time; send this card to all of the Anglophiles in Your life to let them know that whether in or out they will always have You!
Send this card for those days when Your friends are feelin' overwhelmed by their circumstances and need to feel that somebody understands what they're going through.
Send this card when You are smitten, and aren't afraid to show it! 
Another tribute card to send members of the Ol' Gang we used to run with when we were young, strong, wild and free! Let them know You will never forget them.
Again, our fascination with quantum physics shines through, with this homage to the River's namesake bird of prey. Send this card when it's time to get aggressive.
This is a great card to send when it's time to cool off, after a big game.
The card to send when You ready to take 'em to Brown Town!
The card to send when clothing is optional, but color is a must!
This card is for the moment when You can truly feel that the three have become one.
For those moments with Your Mom that took Y'All both to a whole new level.
For those that were there.
The go to card for when You are just lucky enough!
When Y'All first met, and the moment You just knew.
Inspired by a graffiti war in New Orleans, I drew this card as a greeting for all of Your dogmatic friends and family.
Inspired by Louis Armstrong's classic song
The card to send when it has become crystal clear, that someone or something, has come between You and Your partner.
A card design inspired from those moments when death came before we got the chance to say goodbye.
I created this design in honor of a local park ranger and accordian player, whose name is Sunpie. This would be a great card to send the sunspot in Your life!
The inspiration behind this design was for that special person who, after becoming part of Your family has just made a world of difference! Let them know You recognize how important they have become to You!